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to take quality purpose for every dot.

hand printed and designed from sinnceer era by karlos anthony.

embrace the narrow path between heaven and hell to formulate the balance of life. throughout all the time, as if, time can be over time; balance.

the ability to enlighten the ware of souls. 

wearing life . upCYCLE : livelife . wear life .

$2 give worth and value on what we do, how we do, what we do. 

PRINTED & DESIGNED IN THE U.S.O.A. sinnceer era karlos anthony PI NYC PDX

the statement of existence



size: USA - Xtra Large

Port and Company 100% PreShrunk Cotton 

Made in El Salvador Port and Company-TearAway

Public exclusive seize.

. Design Everything .

'One Size Fit Some"™

  • Privacy/Refund/Exchange/Shipping POLICY

    privacy policy - I am the sole proprietor, sinnceer era by karlos anthony. I will only use the information you provide, to complete our transaction that we shall create, in-order to establish our goods and service to each other accordingly. Please contact me for more information if need be. I am a one man band, rocking to the tune of my instruments. Much Love . 


    refund/return policy - returns are available after thirteen days of goods / service received. you shall be prompt with a notice and store credit when the return has arrive back at my shop. my communications shall be well throughout the transaction. thank you for your business. there are no returns / refund on used or damaged goods and service.


    shipping policy - please allow three weeks for processing. all shipments are going to be made out on every thursday of the week. so shipment arrival, should be around mid to end of the following week depending on carrier. Some work for sale will have special shipping instructions and return / refund policy, due to / upon condition of the work / product / service. Please be in well communication with me, as I shall be in well communications with you, so we can ensure each other our goods and service. thank you for your business.


    sinnceer era by karlos anthony

    mabuhay mahalo

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