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Heuristic Abstraction

painting series

                                         the arrival to the door, how many shall i open, because the steps are eerie. found and lost, as lost is found in                                        the degrees of direction. the process was set in motion for the steps of attractions. the patterns will fall into                                 place as it arises, multiplying to thee one. how the symbols illustrate the illusions of power. the ability to take the known’s, and fragment it to the pieces of infinity, allocating for new discoveries. the imagery of the orchestra, synchronized to reach optimum connectivity. there are moods that an individual goes through in a given day... these actions and reactions that impact the light. tarnished by darkness that looms overhead by the negative energies that feed off of the seven deadly sinns. a world of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. countless choices define thee faith to be. each choice, each moment. a ripple in the river of time. enough ripples and you can change the tide. for the future is never really set in plan. the views we choose to see, let it be gorgeous. for the self, for the homes, for the neighborhoods, for the cities, for the country, for the world. come together.                            -world peace


original art

interest in prints or original art work

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