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22 and 23 century 'here we go

 :Let Us Please Nurture Planet Earth: 

The Work of the Future. Portland Oregon . Queens New York . Talavera Philippines





Talavera, Philippines :


renovate existing 

public resort

swimming pool

infrastructure. a space for the community to enjoy and progress. central luzon area, nueva ecija.






Queens Village, NYC :


revitalize queens village with the latest technology and developments in the architectural industry  

s.e.e.d. & l.e.e.d. initiatives.       





Portland, Oregon :

work/watch/play the developments of a city, building for the future. connecting with the environment and practicing my craft. thee enterprise of Architectural Developments'. 

                                   i have studied architecture in new york city, and finished my degree in

                                      Portland Oregon, where i now reside. i went to the west to immerse

                                            myself in the west coast culture; putting the theories learned

                                             in school, into practice. the dynamics of east coast, and west

                                           coast in america, let alone the world. how i wonder, thee 

                                             connectivity of human civilization . . . to bridge gaps and

                                              renovate walls™. keep my position fresh as i create with 

                                              nature. i have projects and well communications with 

                                            these places, due to infrastructure and lineage. i come from

                                            the teachings of social economic envirnomental designs

                                          with applied studies of leadership in energy and environment

                                        development. study and work with practicing professions in the

                                      full spectrum of architecture and art. i have done design builds and

                                  disaster relief projects in america. looking forward for the future projects

                               and the ones that are present. communicate collaborate cooperate. cometogether

Progressive Developments


agenda '"


Located in the City of Gresham, Oregon. The education, and works' with the City, and a Veteran Developer. The start to a new Being / Establishment. 

"Carrying the torch that ignites, the spirits of our dwellings". 


  31 Residential Units :

   27 Studio Lofts and

  4 One Bedroom Units. 

   2 Commercial Space. 

    16 Vehicle Parking.

    39 Bicycle Parking.

   Boardwalk Plaza and     Playground Area with       Community Garden.


       progress humanity

Community Housing Model 

initial project: Do Good Multnomah Veterans Project







*contact for more data


. . .

pawidB Project : 

i have created this structure based on the classical element of air, deconstructing and reconstructing to obtain the essence.

the booklet, will give an introduction to a process of work, poetically from start to finish.



classical art structure



. . .

Educational Projects :
Architectural Thoughts

         Architecture alone, does not bring social change; rather it is the result of powerful positions, in the political, economical and social realms. However, with out a concurrence of these forces, the Architect is helpless to affect society.  The accessions of powerful positions can effect positive environmental change and can be accommodated through the numerous forms of architecture.

         Design and intelligence will be the perspective set forth, towards the evolution of humanities atmospheric dwellings. The initial concepts will be precedented, towards the sustainable and resilient establishments. I developed an appetite for the efficiency of materials and design techniques in architecture. The manipulation of space, and the forms of the structures, on the social behavior; intended for individuals and the masses, to get a sense of the standards set in place to comprehend the precedence, set forth, to obtain the knowledge of spatial dwelling. I am interested in achieving the benefits of allocating an individual’s importance of personal being in a given space. The health statuses of sustainable living will contribute towards the overall community. Consequently, this impacts my knowledge and theories of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, intelligence for every individual, so that we may collectively come together to preserve and save our planet from the pollutants of inefficiently processed materials and resources. My studies and works in architecture will allow a path for a healthy contribution on the way we live and interact with one another in a justifiable regulation. I know that architecture is essential for getting the job of habitation established for humanity, but I think that it is crucial, for individuals to experience an intellectual and emotional response in a given space, so that we all may ultimately contribute towards a greater whole / community. The goal is to aim for a utopian, in the sense that our imperfections are what make us perfect; as we lean towards one another for help and support to gain growth. We can collectively respond to the good life, as well as inspire one another to overcome life’s hardships. My works and studies will be the reflections of spatial arrangements between the living cells and the observable social interactions on the structural forms presented.

         My studies and knowledge of architecture has made me develop an appreciation for humanity and for our planet. The nurturance for humanity and our planet has allowed me to understand the fundamental needs of a community and surrounding communities, inhabiting a given space. The process of work will call not only for variety and flexibility, but also for the semblance of spontaneity to allow for unity, on the interconnectedness of living on earth.


                                                                                                                                                               - karlos anthony


. . .

interest in projects' or documents'

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