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books . . .

The message we pass on to one another, the thoughts we like to share, welcome. . . may you open this door and walk through the vines of

vice. choose wisely . Which will gravitate your appetite, because a healthy dose will keep the mind, body, soul in proper posture. to live is to let live, as to read is to breathe; let us find enlightenment on the pursuit of happiness.




I would like to share some of the books that have enlightened me to comprehend with architecture and art, on astronomical levels. I hope some of these books will interest you, as it did to me. If you like architecture and art, these books will definitely please the intellect. I will be updating this page after reading the books of interest, in-order to share with you. As of now, I am reading a lot of building codes and laws/bylaws, as well as, The Future of Architecture - Frank Lloyd Wright and French Poetry from Baudelaire to the Present - Elaine Marks. 


These are some of the books that have inspired me to, shape and define my aspirations.

For some day, i too will be able to share a book with the world.

    to shape . . . to define . . . gorgeous it is.


sometimes you just got to read a book' -wordup;


                                                                                                                                              question is : how do these words impact you?

iStrive . . .







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