Karlos Anthony

sinnnceer era 


phone contact: 6465103335


i hope you enjoy some of the work., at time,. i do not know what to really say... i am thankful and respectively appreciative to my being. i do my best and enjoy the work; the creations and establishments. the work that i continuously pursue, because it is a part of my life, my being, to transcend facts on us; we are all living on the same land, we are all human beings and living creatures. sinnceer era by karlos anthony. art and architecture is what i build towards, creating a path in which i can navigate the pursuit of happiness. life , the bad , the good , the balance , what it is . . . keeping the head held high with positive attractions, knowing the negativity, in-order to; bridge gaps and renovate walls™. the dreams in reality, as reality sets dreams. i shed light on the marks we make towards each other and the atmospheric surroundings; the progression we can achieve together. art and architecture has allow me to understand the fundamentals of, living on earth, and what it truly means to be a human being.

architecture shelters humanity, as art interacts with humanity. outlets for people to express thyself; the two collide into the one as many do, to encompass the 

interconnectedness. we are all living on earth, please note that with respect, and do not lose sight of the nature and the animals. bridging gaps and renovating walls™ . 

work with me, i am out here living as well . . .

      i study from the greatest leaders / pioneers, both historically and contemporary in the art realm and the architectural realm. education is vital to the health, i advocate mind body soul wellness. the importance of peace throughout any circumstance. i understand to the best and acknowledge our histories, the present is what i am working with, and the future is what i build towards, interconnectedness.


                        . our infrastructure, needs a tremendous amount of improvements;

     the work of the working, work. everything that i have seen / see in the world

we live in. i am doing my best to work on the improvements needed for a

healthier today . forever .