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"Through The Wire"

Photo Series

Through The Wire,” the pixilation of atmospheric views, on thee nostalgic integration of urban civilization in America. Solidifying the simplicity with the complexity of our surroundings, to progress the resilience of Our Spaceship, Earth. Initially it was gridded to spark generations, within time, it spread like a pandemic, thee pollution was not to far to follow for the growth of humanity. We get stuck in the wires, on making the conformity towards the maze of progression, when in reality it can all be so simple, but the greedy times will kick the perspective on the potion of life. The communication is vague, approaching the importance of the energy consumed in order to produce vital growth. Out sourced the quality, so the wires became static, on the Time, where it is continuously moving forward in a dynamic cycle. The growth is out for everyone, though how can we grow towards the Light if the wires are blocking the galactic cosmic rays. The resilience will be achieved with the traditional views along with the contemporary enlightenment, on the knowledge of our environment. We all have to make the investment! The time is now, to further generate our hypothesis and conclusions on the guidance of atmospheric living, for the prevention of natural and synthetic disasters. Please take the necessary steps to build the future towards the Healthier Environment, for our communities, our cities, our states, ultimately our planet.


photo series

Eye, try to do right, even though I know the world has left to view sin. Sometimes I too, catch a glimpse and get stuck in the perspective, till the light shines through the darkness.

Eye be on it, to realize the necessary steps to take and achieve in-order to progress in life. Aspire and inspire, how we need humanity to thrive and coexist with one another, especially nature. Eye create, the knowledge of choice, pick and choose, knowing that a path will lay

forth, for the walk. From nothing to something, I know that eye die, because I am living, to give breath to the winds that spin the world. Eye rise, no matter how many times I fall, because I refuse to lose and I know I will have a better footing next step forward. The tenacity is powerful, on how eye see humanities developments on the world. Question is, human nature. . . where to begin, inevitable to say, eye sinn for the reasons of life. the eyes of the world, that gets viewed over and over again, from one person to the next. The sight that has pass, the sight that views, the sight to the future.,.


the present will have its lasting effects.


Architectural sex

Progressional Photo Series


wood, sand, stone, metal, some of the dramatic materials that make up human civilization. plastic substance infiltrate the atmosphere, coping with the interconnectedness of nature. synthetic world in search of natural existence. the growth can be devastating though we have the technology to will the destructive behavior.

to build to destroy / to destroy to build 

creation is on the forefronts.






to relate the innate genius to the spirit of the place in which life is live

the journey, the destination, travels are in the horizon . . . . . . . . . . .

the forms in which one moves, are geared in location of social dwellings. the time lapse that impact a given route, the availability of shapes traveling. 




                                                   what moves you . . .


Progressional Photo Series



Progressional Photo Series

the first intake of the air, oxygen, how it is vital for the heart. once digested it can not stop, till God knows. the sweet silence gives chills to the cadence in motion. 

"every beautiful flower gets pick"™ the essence of appreciation, not possession. the use of symbols and gestures to communicate the sentimental emotions. 

floriography is the bridge to the lost words, catch it if you can.





                    'beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

contact: plethora of photos for sale, rights to individuals & businesses

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