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photo series



                        Eye, try to do right, even though I know the world has left to view sin. Sometimes I too, catch a glimpse and get stuck in the perspective, till the light shines through the darkness. Eye be on it, to realize the necessary steps to take and achieve in-order to progress in life. Aspire and inspire, how we need humanity to thrive and coexist with one another, especially nature. Eye create, the knowledge of choice, pick and choose, knowing that a path will lay forth, for the walk. From nothing to something, I know that eye die, because I am living, to give breath to the winds that spin the world. Eye rise, no matter how many times I fall, because I refuse to lose and I know I will have a better footing next step forward. The tenacity is powerful, on how eye see humanities developments on the world. Question is, human nature. . . where to begin, inevitable to say, eye sinn for the reasons of life. the eyes of the world, that gets viewed over and over again, from one person to the next. The sight that has pass, the sight that views, the sight to the future.,. 


the present will have its lasting effects.







contact: plethora of photos for sale, rights to individuals & businesses

preferred prints on aluminium 20x30 inches / prints in any size / shape / style

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