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            Karlos Anthony

    Sarmiento Hernandez



contact forum below:

Karlos Anthony

222 SW Pine Street Portland OR 97204



please feel free to leave me a comment 

 or ask me a question on the forum below.

Looking forward on the future projects'

and collaboration with individual, group,

companies', non-profits', bureaucracy, and

administrations', who want to care for

the environments' of humanity

mabuhay '




more info

move something

            passionate with the architecture, and the arts’ how they wreathe. i enjoy problem solving and the research of system dynamics’, establishing efficiencies' and productivity. i am a catalyst for innovative technology and living. growth; to make the world a healthier place one design at a time. . . namaste

meditating thee mind : body : soul

"bridging gaps and renovating walls"™


Greetings, what can I do you for : Manufacturing and Processing


- Architectural Development Speciality

       :Lot / Parcel / Land Builder / Planner

       :Rural ; Suburb ; City , Developments


       S.E.E.D. & L.E.E.D. initiatives

Urban Development : City Development

  Earth Development : Technologist


Document Strategies and Consultations


             Drawing Documents:

             Plans        Elevations 

             Details        Site Plot

             Renders       Sections



Building Documents & Working Permits  


Research and Development : Present State


Applied Science and Technology


Educational Applications



 - Artisan

paint brush, marker, pen, pencil, air spray, paint roller, computer, sewing needle, camera, screen-printer, hands.


Apparel Design and Screen-Print


Logo / Insignia Fabrication


Website Development and Management


               Design Everything


Art Commission:

I shall be delighted to work with you. Please provide details.


Please visit all the web page galleries.

                                           - artsightful



' The world I live in, the frames I see that view, the beauty and grotesque.

we have the intelligence, we have the technology. - Progress Humanity . . .  "

design : build


                *contact for résumé


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